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Our values 

As there is a need for dialogue between 2 economic worlds speaking in 2 different languages, between companies and decision-makers, to establish trust and confidence, whether it is personal, political or public, it is always necessary to define professional methods, based on expertise and reliability. That is the key of our accomplishment: we successfully created and developed working methods in accordance with the highest standards of our profession. We do not base our work solely on our network. In addition, we offer our clients a specific consultancy and a lobbying grounded on our expertise, our argumentation and our researches for each case. These various elements provide an additional guarantee for our clients and for the authorities. 

Working method 

An entire team of highly qualified partners is dedicated to every case that Euseco Agency handles. ‘united in diversity’: we work in team, sharing our connections and our knowledge. Our common goal is to reach the best options for our client. We also pay great attention to have a transparent management fee. We establish with our client all the fees during the first consultancy. In Euseco Agency, every client is the most important one. We proudly say that our work is characterized by both efficiency and availability. Even if it involves a lot of pressure and long hours of work, we are always available to discuss your project at any time. These discussions can take place either in our offices or in any other place you might find convenient. Thanks to our efficiency and availability, Euseco Agency has become a dynamic and fast-growing company. Our clients take advantage of this constant growth with new connections, portfolio and references.  

Costs and fees

Fees are calculated in a very transparent way. They depend on the number of hours spent of the case, and are based on a rate that the client and Euseco agreed upon, in accordance with the recommendations in the area. The hourly rate can vary due to the complexity of the case, the urgency in which it must be treated and the financial situation of our client. Taxes, legal fees and additional costs (including transports, bailiff, copies of the files, mailing costs etc) will be added to the fees. Requests for advance payments are frequently requested, depending on the services already rendered, and in anticipation further required services. The standard payment scale of our services contains 3 elements : costs of consultants, legal fees and hourly fees. 

Costs and hourly fees of the consultants: (plus taxes) 

Ouverture du dossier : 75,00 euro (hors TVA) 

Opening of the case: €75,00  
Correspondence and/or fax: €10,00 per unit 
E-mail: €0,25 per e-mail 
Photocopy: €0,25 per photocopy  
Registered letter: shipping costs  
Transportation: €0,65 per km. 

Costs and expenses

 It includes the expenses to third party, such as bailiffs, clerks, other agencies, accountants, legal partners, financial partners, court clerk, translators, public or private control institutions. All these expenses are detailed in the statement of fees. 

Fees of the consultant 

Euseco has an hourly rate of €150,00 (plus taxes) for private clients, and €200,00 (plus taxes) for companies. If the case must either be treated urgently or is very complex, this rate can be raised by 50%. There is a flat rate for 10 minutes per letter (through a dictaphone) for basic correspondence. A different rate will apply for motivated correspondence. Euseco is open to discuss the above-mentioned rates with the client.

Deposit and anticipated hourly costs 

The Consultant and our Agency are entitled to ask for some payments in advance with detailed fee and rates, either before starting the case or during the follow-up of the project. These payments in advance will be deducted from the total amount charged. Previous to the final statement of fees, some intermediate statements of fees can be calculated in order to estimate the total costs, depending on the length of the case, the complexity and amount of services already rendered. 
The client commits to pay the advanced amount and the final statement of fees for our services within 7 days after the reception of the bill. In case of necessity due to the services rendered, Euseco is entitled to define a shorter delay for the payment. If the client does not agree with the statement of fees or deposit, he must contest it within 14 days after the reception of the bill. 

Payment facilities : 

Different options are available at the bottom of this page. The client can use them at his convenience.


EUSECO Agency is a founding member of the EUSECO G.E.I.E (Groupement Européen d’Intérêt Economique: European Economic Interest Grouping). The group is currently setting up an international network of operative offices in Africa, Middle East, Asia and the US, which share the same high standards and values as EUSECO Agency.

Specialised consultancy

International consultancy

Euseco Agency is an expert in a broad variety of services, including chemicals, non-metallic industrial minerals, investigation of the market, commercial representation, acquisition of companies, transfer of technologies, brand creation and marketing. In addition, Euseco Agency has an extensive experience in business development of various products: pharmaceutical cosmetics, food, protection products, plastics, textiles, petrochemical non-metallic industrial minerals for instance. Together with our geographical knowledge of western and emerging countries, this expertise is the cornerstone in our working method for the specific needs of our clients. Our knowledge of the products, combined with their applications and the targeted markets, is unique, and we are proud to share it with you.

National and European Consultancies 

Entrepreneur for business development, detailed analysis of a file, analyse of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, risks. Researching the opportunities for growth through : diversification of products and markets. Acquiring the know-how.
Finding commercial partners. Commercial contracts. Creating partnerships. Acquisition of companies. Positioning your company on the market, creating an own brand identity, setting up marketing campaigns. Export.

Our international background and our previous successes help you to diversify your activities and to seize the opportunities to grow in your domain.

EUSECO GEIE teaches you how to develop your company as an Entrepreneur while working in close ties with the main actors of your company.  

To put it in a nutshell, you are not buying a “pre-fabricated” method, but you are rather acquiring a personalised tool for your future. 

Coaching in companies  

Leadership style, taking on responsibilities, reorientation of career, adapting to the changing working environment, improving productivity, burn out, stress and fear of taking risks, internal communication, reorganisation of workload, motivating your team, high absenteeism levels… These are various reasons for a company to call on a coach. In that framework, the purpose of coaching is to consolidate, optimise or tackle a specific issue while helping any worker (as a team,or as an institution) to achieve positive results within a defined timeframe.  

This professional guidance is tailor-made. There is not a magic potion for everyone. Indeed, it is during the coaching process that the needs are identified, depending on the problems that need to be resolved.  

Consolidating efficiency and personal well-being.  

A company thrives on its human capital. The employees are the main actors of the life of a company. Taking this principle into consideration, it is essential to take care of the well-being of the employees. If an employee finds satisfaction in his work, he will be a positive element, communicating and working in a constructive way, feeling appreciated. Therefore, he will be more productive and the work quality will greatly be improved. 

In that framework, EUSECO AGENCY offers its clients corporate events. The idea is to reduce stress at work their place and sensitize employees to take care of their well-being in their daily life. ‘The personal motivational factor is a key element in a successful business’. 

For whom and why… 

For executive staff and managers. The coach helps individuals or team leaders to identify the problem areas in which intervention is needed. The coaching of executive staff and managers aims to clarify the vision, identify the potential and develop efficiently the resources available to obtain the set goals. The coaching also enables executive officers to clearly show the direction in which the company wants to develop itself in, in an environment which is constantly changing, and to offer their staff members a supportive role to ensure stability in performance levels. As a coach, my specificity is to support executive officers and managers during changing times, in order to be able to adapt their company to a very moving world, every day more complex, uncertain, instable and ambiguous. This globalised world, in constant technological and communicative evolution, requires new leadership and management skills. For everyone willing to strengthen his professional and personal development. Coaching offers the possibility to improve self comprehension, becoming more aware of your priorities, of your weaknesses, of your wills, to go beyond your limits, to learn about your capacities in order to reach a new balance.  

HOW ? 

By doing particular or in-team coaching sessions. The place, the number of participants and duration are defined at the beginning of the process with the coach and the client, within a tripartite contract. I am also available and flexible for some sessions over Skype or phone in case of need for ’emergency’ coaching.. 
‘Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it’ 

James Baldwin 
In that framework, please do not hesitate to contact our service.  

Coaching prices