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Each EUSECO AGENCY’s intervention meets the highest standards of the profession: commitment, transparency, honesty of information, clarity of the tasks… In addition, the partners of EUSECO AGENCY & EUSECO E.E.I.G. have always promoted to their clients, public powers and medias a rigorous deontology: the agency complies with its Charter for every mission. This Charter sets up some important delineations, complementary to the regulations of the French and European parliamentary assemblies and the existing international legislation.

Article 1: Definition

The consultant in lobbying, or the lobbyist, advises companies, associations or local authorities for promoting and the defending their rights and interests with the organisation likely to take the decisions affecting them.

Practice of profession

Article 2: Professional status

The consultant in lobbying, or the one in charge of lobbying and public affairs, can either work as a self-employed, or as an employee within a consulting company.

Article 3: Professional integrity

Any criminal or civil conviction for acts contrary to honour, integrity or morality will lead to the prohibition to practice the profession.

Article 4: Professional incompatibilities

The practice of consultant in lobbying is strictly incompatible with:

any national or European elected political mandate;

any paid job within a ministerial cabinet, parliamentary assemblies or public functions.

Article 5: No remuneration of elected representatives and public officials

The consultant in lobbying and public affairs is forbidden to pay, either permanently or temporarily, in any form whatsoever, any national elected officer, parliamentary assistant, member of a ministerial cabinet. Regarding ad hoc expert missions conducted by representatives of public functions or the recruitment of former staff, the consultant in lobbying and public affairs complies with the applicable rules.

Article 6: Obligation to verify the means of the clients

The consultant in lobbying proposes the strategy and the means necessary to achieve the objective of his clients. He takes part in the implementation of tasks, pre-defined with the clients. He has an obligation to ensure that the client has the means to realise his objectives.

Relations with institutions

Article 7: Transparent network

When being in contact with representatives of public powers and elected officers, the consultant in lobbying and public affaires shall declare his identity and the interests he represents.

Article 8: Access to the institutions

The consultant in lobbying and public affairs does not require any particular or privileged access to the institutions. However, when he wishes to enroll in a voluntary register set up by a parliamentary assembly or a national, European or international institution, he might get a specific access, in return of certain obligations set by these assemblies or institutions.

Article 9: Compliance with regulations and codes of conduct

The consultant in lobbying and public affairs complies with internal rules of national, European and international representative assemblies. If any, he agrees with the principles of the relevant codes of conduct, especially in the national assembly, the senate, the European parliament and the European commission.

Article 10: Official documents and seminars

The consultant in lobbying and public affairs complies with relevant rules regarding the obtainment and the dissemination of official documents, and refrains from distributing them for profit. In addition, he is forbidden to organize, within the walls of the institutions, any seminar, meeting and event, if the external participants have to pay a fee.

Article 11: Conflict of interest

In case of a likely conflict of interest between his clients on similar or competing objectives, the consultant in lobbying and public affairs has an obligation to inform them.

Article 12: Duty of confidentiality

Due to the strategic nature of the files, the consultant in lobbying has an obligation of confidentiality and, often, of professional secrecy.

 Article 13: Compliance with good practices, laws and regulations

The consultant in lobbying alerts his client when his objectives or means are contrary to just professional practices, laws or regulations. The consultant commits to not taking part in it.

Article 14: Integrity of the given information

The consultant in lobbying and public affairs commits to relay the most honest and rigorous available information, based on what the companies, associations or local authorities using his services make available.

Article 15: Respect of the Charter and possible sanctions

Each EUSECO AGENCY & EUSECO E.E.I.G. member commits to respect the principles stated in the Charter, in each of their tasks, and to enforce it within his consulting company.